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Too there is a restless search for a new intellectual radicalism. This "new Left" has passion and energy, but little definition of the future. Two years into Obama's administration, the ironies and fatuities of..
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He realizes that he does have a place and that he is not invisible to everyone and to his surroundings. Summary: Auntie raised Tayo and was the mother figure he lacked. Do the..
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In conclusion, while punishments can help to prevent bad driving, I believe that other road safety measures should also be introduced. Punishment may be in the form of money, imprisonment, confiscation of licence, making..
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Research paper on business analysis of soil

research paper on business analysis of soil

solitude essay I took a few drops of water and put it in the soil. It is an indicator of other engineering properties such as- compressibility, shear strength and hydraulic conductivity. Soil analyses are very important especially if you want to grow a garden that has all you plants growing and looking healthy instead of plants that havent. Some things that are tested in a soil analysis are percolation rate, the porosity of the soil, the fertility of the soil, and the chemical composition of the soil. There was a trace of high sodium content in my soil. This is a summary of what all I did to work on finding everything about my soil. Therefore I could not let it dry out like the rest of the classes did. To do so, the following equationis used Retained x 100 Here, W sieve The weight of aggregate in the sieve W Total The total weight of aggregate Total next step is to find the cummulative percent of aggregate pertained retained in each sieve.

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To find the percent of aggregate that is retained in each sieve and the amount in the previous sieves, first it has to find the percent in each sieve. That led me to believe that my soil was more sand than it was clay. In a design, the gradation of the in situ or on site soil often controls the design and ground water drainage of the site. The cummulative percent passing of he aggregate is found by subcontracting the percent from 100. The phosphorus content was. At last the result was displayed by plotting the percent passing (on a linear scale) and connecting the plotted points with a smooth curve referred to as a grain size distribution curve. As for the quicksand, I did not perform any tests. I found that 3 of my soil was? Somewhere around 65 was sand. Day 6: I have completed all of my tests after school.

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