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How democratic was britain by 1911 essay

how democratic was britain by 1911 essay

meant there were still outsourcing essay conclusion extra votes for men who owned businesses in other constituencies where they did not live. This act was an essential first step to British reform in the future as it had extended the franchise, however, it was limited to one in seven men. So although by 1914 Britain was more democratic due to the large extension of the franchise it still wasnt fully democratic due to a majority of the poor and working class still being unenfranchised. There was also the issue of women still not having the vote to be addressed. By 1914 Britain was more democratic due to the large extension to the franchise, the equalising of the constituencies, more opportunity existing for people to stand as an MP, the reduction of the un-elected House of Lords and the problem of corruption being dealt with. The Act increased the electorate to approximately.5 million voters, one in three men now had the right to vote, however, women were still not permitted. Equalising the constituencies was an important factor in Britain becoming more democratic by 1914. The most important change was giving the vote to occupiers in the boroughs, as a result of this the electorate in some of the newer towns and cities increased dramatically.

Addressing the problem of anti-corruption was another move that Britain made towards democracy. The 1885 Redistribution of Seats Act also ended separate county/borough seats and made constituencies approximately equal.

How democratic was, britain by 1911?

how democratic was britain by 1911 essay

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How democratic was Britain by 1914? There were still issues such as the voting system of first past the post which was undemocratic due to its inaccurate reflection of the way the public had voted. There is a debate over when exactly Britain actually became a representative liberal democracy. A Reform Bill was introduced to the Commons in March 1867 and became law in August essay on earthquake in nepal in nepali language 1867, this is known as the Second Reform Act. This essay will show that by 1914 Britain was not yet fully a democracy, but well on its way. Another step towards democracy was the equalising of constituencies. This reduced the threat of bribery and intimidation declined, although it took a further measure from the Liberals in 1883 before corruption was fully dealt with. This moved Britain closer to democracy because by 1914 even more people now had an opportunity to stand as a candidate. Although, even those in favour of reform intended the reform to be limited, when the Liberals came to power in 1865 they attempted to address the reform question but the PM Russell and Gladstone were aware that they had to proceed with caution. M, (December 31, 1969).

how democratic was britain by 1911 essay

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