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Premature baby research paper

premature baby research paper

newborns are often surprised at the appearance of the babies. Although successful in many cases, doctors are still very skeptical on whether or not women should take any form of drugs while they are pregnant. Brown fat is absent so the baby can not keep itself warm. Premature babies are very weak and defenseless, and need to be hospitalized. Because neither muscular nor nerve development is complete many reflexes have not developed such as grasping, sucking, startling, or rooting. Do to any other thoughts, I pray for all those who did not wait and had the child, I pray to them that they can pull together and still live the life they wanted in there dreams, I pray to them now and forever, Amen. I expected to be up all night long and get no sleep at all. I let my friend choose which hand the normal card was.

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A baby born during this time period is called premature. S stress levels to a minimum. This problem is one of the main concerns when bearing a pre-term baby versus a full-term baby. Both of these lung diseases can result in long term oxygen administration, and if the baby is out of the hospital re-hospitalization. T let me go out that night so I romantic narrative essay could not go into the world with it, which was probably better in the long run. The causes for premature birth is generally an underdeveloped placenta. More mature preemies may be fed by formula, or even breast milk. T had a problem with previous pregnancy. I have decided I like dogs more than I like babies, so I think I will do what my neighbors did and just have 4-6 Golden Retrievers. Breast milk is preferred, if the baby has developed good enough sucking skills, another skill developed late in pregnancy, and also if the baby?