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Animal cells essay

animal cells essay

online, hi there! We made a hypothesis that water was diffusing into the dialysis bag by osmosis. Methylene blue was applied to the cheek cells and iodine to the onion cells. Acknowledgement I acknowledge most importantly my brother Stanley Onumaegbu for his help, morally and also my dear parents and aunt for their financial help while doing this work. At the end I have taken in consideration all my observation and come to the conclusion that, indeed, cells are existent in both living beings but their not completely alike. The Planaria cell was all red and had lines running down. Nucleolus is a small region that is made up of RNA and protiens, it also produces ribosomes.

Animal, cells, essay, research Paper, animal, cellsmy

animal cells essay

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Background To be able to complete this lab a person should know the animal cell and the plant cell structure to the able to identify and label the cell components. They are: a plasma membrane, cytoplasm, DNA (the genetic material and ribosomes. Vacuoles are sack that store water, salts, proteins and carbohydrates. To do this, we poured some of our liquid containing starch and sugar, into a test tube. This work may be building new molecules which have a particular function in the body, or it may be to produce movement. In the most advanced plants, cells are associated in functionally specialized tissues, and associated tissues make up organs such as the leaves, stem, and root. Another difference is the shape of the cells. They have a more of a rectangular shape.

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