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Language and gender research paper

language and gender research paper

a choice and pattern of words. This was proven true in a study that Lynette Hirshman did in 1974 (Glass 33). It is also the main vehicle whereby this wisdom is disseminated thoughout society. Gender and Language Essay. Men tend to not make as much eye contact; they generally stay farther away from women when talking to them.

language and gender research paper

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The reason why we did this paper is because we wanted to prove if the popular theory that says that women talk more than men within the language, it is true or not. After learning about our styles of communicating with each other, I have decided that although men have not quite mastered communicating, what fun would it be if we all spoke the same language. Or there're other factors that affect their way of speech. The phenomenon is associated with human behavior which is including language use, gender difference, self-identity level and the diversity culture background. To sum up the separation of sex and gender make us to notice the social construction, not only biological difference between man and women. Linguist Robin Lakoff states in her book, Language and Womans Place, women use greater description when describing colors. A variety of books associated to gender and language were published in the past years from various authors showing what are the differences and effect of communication between men and women. It is true to say the society we live in is full of stereotypes and people love to make perceptions based upon what they see rather going. Women are completely the opposite, which gives others the feeling that the female listener is much more interested in what the speaker has to say. (Do women speak differently than the men? Men use more foul language, slang, and make simpler, more understandable requests, but women do all of these things exactly the opposite. Men are definitely much harder to understand in all of their styles of communication.

March 29th, 2012 Gender and Language : do men and women speak and use language differently? Another reason why we choose gender is because we wanted to know how much it influences in the variability of the language such as minimal responses, vocabulary, interruptions, interventions and the dominance in the conversations, according to the subjects gender. You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. How social statue come from? Gender and the effect of stereotyping Development of a different language Gender variation in speech.1.2.3 Womens language Mens language (C)overt prestige a case study. After having read many authors theories like Deborah Tannens book You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation, Jennifer Coates Women Talk: Conversation between Women Friends, Penelope EckertLanguage and Gender among others.