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Rainwater harvesting essay wikipedia

rainwater harvesting essay wikipedia

quality in aquifers To conserve surface water runoff during monsoon To reduce soil erosion To inculcate a culture of water conservation How to harvest rainwater: Broadly there are two ways of harvesting. It is advisable that each tank should have excess water over flow system. Following precautionary measures should be taken while harvesting rainwater:- Roof or terraces uses for harvesting should be clean, free from dust, algal plants etc. To of pit can be covered with perforated covers. Methods of Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting Storage of Direct use In this method rain water collected from the roof of the building is diverted to a storage tank. Do's and Donts Harvested rainwater is used for direct usage or for recharging aquifers. But due to indiscriminate development and rapid urbainzation, exposed surface for soil has been reduced drastically with resultant reduction in percolation of rainwater, thereby depleting ground water resource. Recharge Trenches Recharge trench in provided where upper impervious layer of soil is shallow. These were the water storage bodies to domestic and irrigation demands.

Harvesting, essay., rain water harvesting system is a technique used.
and Kutch, India, used rainwater harvesting for agriculture and many other uses.
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This method is suitable for small houses, playgrounds, parks and roadside essay about female genital mutilation drains. Surface run-off and roof top water can be diverted to this tank. Do not store chemicals, rusting iron, manure or detergent on the roof. Rainwater harvesting Other Information In the present scenario management and distribution of water has become centralized. Thin layer of charcoal is used to absorb odor if any. Roof and 8 inches dia. More than 225 illustrations and photographs. Rain water harvesting is an action of direct collection of rainwater. Traditional water harvesting systems were Bawaries, step wells, jhiries, lakes, tanks etc. Therefore the catchment is the area, which actually contributes rainwater to the harvesting system.

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