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Desertification in south africa essay

desertification in south africa essay

and funded by the government. Most people do not know this, but desertification has been around since the Mediaeval period, perhaps even farther back in history (Middleton, Thomas Desertification: Exploding the Myth pg 2). It takes place worldwide in dry lands. This is equivalent to four-fifths of the asal areas of Africa. Control over off-road vehicles. Developments (Earth Summit, 1992) desertification was defined as "land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry semi-humid areas, resulting from various factors, including climate variations and human activities" Desertification Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (S J0180). Poor irrigation Make sure the water is not evaporated on the surface which wastes water and increases its salinity. Other factors accounting for the limited success are land tenure and property rights, wars and civil strife, and misdirected research priorities. Experts define that any erosion rate above 50 tons per square kilometre,.5 tons per ha, is unusual'.

More specifically, the reasons for desertification and land degradation include "climate changes, overgrazing, over-cropping, deforestation, and over-exploited water" (Mainguet, Monique Desertification pg 66). Under the Convention, developed and developing countries have different responsibilities. This problem of rapidly increasing population pressures on the fragile and vulnerable soils of Africa's dryland regions translates into overexploitation of water, land, forest and pasture resources through overcultivation, overgrazing, deforestation and poor irrigation practices. This limited success in combating desertification has been attributed to lack of funds on the one hand and an inequitable international economic order on the other. What are people doing cyber crime short essay in english to cope with losing their land, homes and jobs? Desertification in Africa's asal, thus, poses a real danger of a heat inversion developing over several parts of the continent which would lead to a decrease in rainfall. Perhaps a camel or two, baking in the sun. It cannot be overcome by one-time massive injections of emergency aid. In increasing numbers, people are forced to abandon their land because it can no longer sustain them and migrate to other regions or to urban slums.

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