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Peer review of thesis

peer review of thesis

refereed, search Tip: Peer-reviewed journals may also contain items that are not peer reviewed, such as letters to the editor, opinion pieces, electoral college abolished essays and book reviews. . In a standard section time, it is difficult to progress beyond the second round of thesis statement modifications. Comment on large issues first (Does the draft respond to the assignment? Stay tuned for part 2 of my manuscripts journey: the submission process. Is the sequence of points logical? This activity may be useful for any class in which students learn to write interpretive essays. While I could take another year or so to collect more data and draw new conclusions, my advisor and I decided that the best thing to do was to be transparent about the flaws of the work, and hope that the cool concepts will carry.

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Some of these weaken some of the conclusions of my work, which is a hard pill to swallow. See also: Pair and Share, Collaborative, Observational, Specific/Deep, English, Peer Feedback, Harter, Odile, Group Cooperative Learning; Students as Classroom Leaders, Peer, Whole class, Individual, Humanities, Single Class. Foolishly, Id thought this process would stop when Id submitted the final version of my Masters thesis, but that document was destined for more! . Peer editing can be stressful, so she made sure to emphasize at the outset how important it was that the students respect the spirit of their classmates' thesis statements. What were the challenges? Id get it back a few days later, covering in red ink (actually, red pixels its 2012! Note that the full activity takes at least 75 minutes. and have a whole new set of edits to make and comments to address. Is evidence used properly?).

Even if you check the peer review limiter box, you still need to examine the items carefully to be sure they are articles. Go on to smaller issues later (awkward or confusing sentences, style, grammar, word choice, proofreading). When I began writing up my thesis, I had no idea how many times I would slowly pick through that document, changing and adding details as I read a new paper or learned a new statistical technique. Harter asked students to look at the new evidence or revision suggestions they'd received and to share with the group any particularly helpful changes they thought their classmates made. In the end, (after grouchily putting it aside for a couple of months) Ive had to accept all the flaws in my study design that its too late to go back and change, and stop writing and re-writing phrases and sentences. Harter had the students look for possibilities even if they were not immediately apparent.