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Upenn acceptances essays

upenn acceptances essays

to email? Professors are duty-bound by the school to try and keep good students. My guess is that because they cannot see your second semester grades when making their decision, they have to bank on the fact that people who do well first semester will also do well second semester (because they get it and already figured out legal. Make sure you are comfortable graduating from your current school. Plus you may have to do your own law review competition at the same time. Transferring is a difficult and intimidating process.

Hofstra, due May 15 Currently, these are the only schools that have this option. Levinson not only introduced me the music program of Swarthmore, which made Swarthmore my first choice school, but he also put me in contact with his colleagues, who further answered my questions in specific areas. Finally, I did not want to take the risk and have lower second semester grades. We spent several nights at Jeremys parents home in Niskayuna,. I did not go to office hours just to get LORs, I had real questions to ask (and I hope you will too). If you had spectacular, knock-em dead grades first semester, you will likely get similar grades second semester. Regarding the why you want to transfer section, write about certain professors/clinics/journals at the school. Finals may not even be over for some schools when the law review competition begins at gulc/Harvard. At the same time, the people at the new school do not want you to interview there either since you are not the typical student who did their 1L year - If you are doing OCI at your old school, you get to interview earlier. Unlike early action for regular admissions into law school, the requirements for early action transfers are stricter.

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